10 Pcs Furniture Protectors from Cats, Clear Self-Adhesive Cat Scratch Deterrent, Couch Protector 4 Pack X-Large (18"L 12"W) + 4 Pack Large (18"L 9"W) + 2 Pack (18"L 6"W) Cat Repellent for Furniture,

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  • 【UPGRADED MORE DURABLE VERSION】After collecting so many comments from customers,We upgraded their stickiness and attached nails so they no longer fall off. Total 10 PCS anti-scratching furniture protector include 4 PCS X-Large size (17” * 12”) + 4 PCS Large size (17” * 10”) + 2 Pack (17"L 8"W) Self-Adhesive Sheets and 60 PCS Twist Pins to get extra assurance.
  • 【EASY INSTALL】: Very easy to install, no complex steps nor tools.1:Peel off the self-adhesive pad 2: stick the pad where you want to protect (Can bend around the contour of the furniture)3: secure it with twist pins(If needed).You can cut them to size if needed as well. The biggest area covered on the market------NOTE------Please purchase FTSTC, we only provide quality products.
  • 【TRANSPARENT INVISIBLE】: FTSTC couch protector is 100% transparent and will completely blend with your Interior decoration. These cat sofa protectors are very strong and hardly noticeable. Good cat scratch stopper and pet couch guard
  • 【FLEXIBLE DURABLE】: FTSTC furniture guards for cats made of Non-Toxic clear vinyl, It’s durable and thick enough to deter cat scratching also flexible enough to bend around the contours of your furniture to stop cat claws from shredding couch
  • 【Pins】You can apply them with or without pins according to different furniture(60pins in box). FTSTC cat scratching furniture protector can SELF STICK, can be easily removed without leaving traces. And pins can be easily and quickly removed without leaving any pinholes.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 15, 2023
In my opinion four pieces of plastic with an adhesive back was very expensive but I must admit they stopped my kitten from scratching the furniture.
Reviewed on June 25, 2023
Works great easy to apply. My cat can no longer scratch the side of my couch and the corner of my mattress.
Reviewed on July 24, 2023
Very happy with this!! I mean with my cat I really need to just cover the whole thing completely in protection bc he’s young and sassy, but this definitely helps cover major areas he won’t leave alone. However he has been into trying to pull the pins out (the pins have a corkscrew end so they don’t just fall out). So far he hasn’t pulled any out though. Plastic sticks nicely but not aggressively for when I decide to take it off. Definitely recommend and would purchase again
Reviewed on March 30, 2023
Out of both of my cats, one will NOT scratch the things she’s supposed to. She scratches the couch and more recently, door frames. I put this on my couch and also on the door frames as she is peeling the paint. Well, these adhere so well that if I try to remove them they peel the paint off. I admit it probably wasn’t the smartest idea to put them on paint. So I’m here to warn you: don’t. lol great for the fabric couch though!
Reviewed on November 18, 2022
I did a lot of research before chosing these couch protectors. I needed something that would stick, and keep my cats from scratching the back of the couch. I am happy with them, as the cats don't seem to be interested in scratching the couch anymore. That's the biggest pro, obviously. The cons are that they're not as sticky as I'd hoped they would be. They do require the little racks that come with them to keep in place more securely. That said, the tacks fall loose at times, and kind of hang there. Which could be dangerous if someone steps on them barefoot, or if one of the pets decides to make them into a toy. I also wish that more came in the package for the price. I've already ordered 2 packs, and I'll need to order a 3rd to cover the back of the couch. I have an L shaped couch from Pottery Barn, if that gives an idea of size and marterial. Overall though, better than my cats continuing to destroy a $5000 piece of furniture (I paid half for it... but still).
Reviewed on July 22, 2023
This scratch protector is easy to apply on furniture, and great for training your cats and kittens to not scratch on furniture. Please keep in mind that you must offer your cats and kittens things that they are allowed to scratch on- scratching post, cat tree, cardboard scratchers, etc. Otherwise simply covering your furniture and not offering something to scratch on will not fix anything. You must train your kitties and give them options they are allowed to use their natural instincts on to scratch.
Reviewed on July 04, 2023
I purchased a fabric covered bed frame and my cat just loved to scratch his claws on it. Purchased these and didn't have any issues. They are extremely sticky. I did not use the tacks to keep them into place because of it. Very easy to cut and manipulate to adhere it how you needed. I only had them on for several months, but they came up without issue.
Reviewed on June 25, 2023
It does the job of preventing my cats from destroying my couch and bed now, but it doesn’t stick to cloth upholstery that well. It comes with corkscrew pins but this only work in areas that are foam or fabric, not on the edges where the wooden frame is.