MEOWFIA Premium Felt Cat Bed Cave - Handmade 100% Merino Wool Bed for Cats and Kittens (Light Shades) (Medium, Light Grey)

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  • ECO FRIENDLY: Our cat tent is 100% free from harsh chemicals and synthetic materials. Great for your cat, your family, and our world.
  • MADE WITH LOVE: Meowfia's premium cat cave is carefully hand-crafted from 100% merino wool. It is ultra-durable, yet super soft, lightweight, and portable. Perfect gift for beloved cats and cat lovers.
  • DUAL USE: Our felted wool cat cave provides a private personal space for your cat to hide, sleep and rest inside. But it also can be used as a cat bed to lay, relax and play on the top. Meowfia cat bed cave helps keep your kitty warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.
  • SLEEK DESIGN: Our cat cave house adds a special touch to your home environment and complements the appearance of the room. The natural color of the cat hideaway helps to effectively conceal the cat's fur, dust, and debris.
  • AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE SIZES: Medium (M) size bed for indoor cats is suitable for an average Sphynx, Abyssinian, Exotic, and other similar-sized breeds. The maximum cat weight for M size cat hideout is up to 12 lbs, whereas L size cat cave indoor (also available from Meowfia's Amazon store) is perfect for cats weighing up to 20 lbs. We suggest choosing the larger size of the cat bed mat if your cat is somewhere between sizes M and L.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 09, 2023
I give a lot of 4 and 5 star reviews if the item arrives in good shape and does what it is intended for since I pretty much know what I like and what I need to use. Every once in a while an item arrives that would get more stars if it was possible. This cat cave is one such item. I would give it 10 stars if I could!! However, the early negative reviews (2018 through 2022 when I stopped reading) almost scared me off not only due to manufacturing issues but all the negative mentions of "chemical smell" a common complaint for imports early on especially those made from fabric or wood. One could almost faint from the awful smell in some items. It can be suspected there was little concern regarding chemicals being used. Fortunately, the newer reviews for this item showed enough improvement for me to take a chance since it could be sent back if need be and I liked the look and size. My daughter has a nose that smells all the way across town and she did not notice any odor on a recent visit, thank goodness or it would have gone back. Now to the review since I did purchase this cave. My entire adult life has been lived under the management of various felines. Until the present "manager" all the cats took their multiple naps mostly out of sight. I kept a pallet on a closet floor just for their napping privacy. The current resident needs no privacy. He is needy--he needs to nap near me. This means he naps on the bed, on the sofa, on top of the recliner, in a chair or on my lap, on his cat tree or behind the computer. Another great spot was in an delivery box from which he could see me. Yep, a cardboard box right in plain sight in the living room across from my desk. Several times I would search Amazon to find an item that would replace those Amazon boxes but found nothing I thought would get him to change his boxy ways. I wanted a natural fiber; no man made fibers like polyester would work for him (really would not work of me) so that eliminated much of what was being offered. It also had to look good, at least better than (apologies Amazon) those boxes. It also had to be washable. I also had to overcome my concern about switching off his beloved box! On a recent search I found this MEOWFIA Premium Felt Cat Bed Cave. It is advertised to be 100% free from harsh chemicals and synthetic materials. It is 100% merino wool felt. The wool is from New Zealand, a country that seems organic whether it is fully so or not! By the second descriptive point my complete attention was perked. It looked good. It came in two sizes. It is handmade in Nepal. It seemed perfect! It is perfect. My kitty weighs 8.5 pounds so I ordered him the medium but would definitely consider the large for any future purchases. It arrives folded but is a heavy wool felt so mine popped right back into shape. It arrives with a blue wool ball which can also be purchased separately. I cautiously removed the latest box and placed the cat cave down in the box's place. Then I waited. But not for long. He smelled it a couple of times when he casually strolled by. On the third walk-by he half-way got in, stayed half in for a couple of minutes before retreating. Well all that was hopeful since it was getting a lot of attention. Finally that evening he crawled in. He now spends as much time in it as he did the box so Mom is happy. He can use the inside or he can crunch it and sit on it, either way works for me because that box is gone--replaced with this attractive wool cat cave. It is worth the money. I love it!! Kitty decided to like it. We are both happy. The end!!
Reviewed on July 02, 2023
My cats love sleeping in blanket & pillow forts and they are always demanding that we set them up for them. My husband and I were getting tired of always having blankets and pillows on our furniture so I decided to buy a Cat Bed Cave and see if they liked it. When it arrived, it was easy to unfold and fluff up. The photo is just how it came out of the bag. Within minutes Gizmo was in and he has been there pretty much non-stop for the past week. In the rare instances when Giz isn't in there, Mocha would go in to check it out. She liked it too, so I decided to go ahead and buy a second one for her. When it arrived, again, out of the bag and a few fluffs and up it went. In fact, the 2nd one is less wrinkled than the 1st one. Mocha went in immediately, however, it's rather hot where I live right now and she is a long haired Himalayan and I think it's just a bit too warm in there for her. I went back and forth on what size to get. Both of my cats are 11 lbs, but Gizmo is a long cat and Mocha has long hair. When she is in the doorway, she takes up all of the doorway with her fur. I think Gizmo likes to have a bit of additional space because he likes to turn around before he plops down. I'm glad that I got the larger size. Since both of my cats are light colored I bought the white one.
Reviewed on May 19, 2023
Cat beds have always been hit or miss; I could never seem to get a bed that all 3 of my cats would use. I took a chance on this one, and WOW it exceeded my expectations!!! Within minutes of it being out, all three were obsessed with it. They LOVE the material, for rubbing, scratching, kicking, etc. They take the longest naps in it too. The ball and string it comes with are also huge hits. One of my cats will drag the string around the house and the other 2 will chase him. It truly keeps them occupied for hours. Months later, the bed is still sturdy, soft, and holding its shape, and there's almost always one cat using it at all times. They actually rarely sleep inside the bed. If one of them is inside, another will lay on top and force them out, so they're almost always sleeping on top. It's really easy to pop the top back to restore its shape. Before buying I was unsure if I should get a medium vs large, and I went with medium to test it out. Recently I got a second bed in large to compare the two! In my pictures, medium is gray and large is white. There's not much of a difference in size. The large is roomier, but really not by much. All of my cats including my 15 pound ragdoll could comfortably sleep inside/on top of the medium. However, I would recommend the large bed for the extra room, and now that they have options it's clear that the large bed is the preferred choice. When the large bed came in, I couldn't even unwrap it from the packaging before my cats were rubbing their faces against it. This was BY FAR the best purchase for them, and I can't recommend it enough!!!
Reviewed on July 21, 2023
My cat immediately took to this bed. He was interested in it the moment I took it out of the box. I purchased the medium size for my 9 lb little guy. He fits perfect with room to move around. I think this will be his new favorite spot.