unipaws Designer Cat Washroom Storage Bench, Litter Box Cover, Sturdy Wooden Structure, Spacious Storage, Easy Assembly, Fit Most of Litter Box, White

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  • Multi-Function Cat House:Beautiful night stand hides your cat’s litter box or bed. Stylish furniture look blends with your home decor.
  • Easy-to-Use:Pull out, clean and slide back under the counter. Wide top space to organize your kitty gears, magazines, the tv remote, etc.
  • Durable Design: Crafted with strong and durable pressed wood. Accommodate most of the litter boxes.
  • Quick Assembly:Straight forward instruction included. Ready to use in 1 hr with Philip's screwdriver(not included).
  • Product Dimensions: 29.7”W x 20.1”D x 20.5”H; Interior Dimensions: 18.9”W x 18.7”D x 16.5”H; 7.9''W x 18.7”D x 16.5”H.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on April 26, 2023
The product was as just as the picture showed nd came as the seller stated. I purchased this item for a "Feral Cat" that we socialized as a younger kitten. When we had him checked by our local veterinarian we discovered that he is FIV positive and now has come to live his days in our Sunroom. This cat is on Lysine and Digestive Aids and his box odors can be stronger than our inside two "Siamese". I wanted to disguise the litter box in our Sunroom, hope to eliminate excessive tracking of his litter and help disguise the odder. My husband, has many other projects at the time and being too busy to build the litter box enclosure, led me to purchase the product. Being that he is very handy in wood working he put the cat liter box enclosure together with no concerns. It appeared that is would be a very basic project for anyone to do. It came with no damage, easy to follow instructions, was a good choice of color to match the furnishings in our Sunroom. One of the ratings showed that their item came damaged with the backside in a white material and damage along the edges. The one we received is all the same type and color all the way around, with the same MDF and veneer overlay that will be very easy to clean. Charlie (our Sunroom Cat) had no problem in adjusting to using this as it contained no strange odor as some furniture can have. He likes sitting on the top, and being a cat use to the outdoors for so many months, find any litter box a place to hide. If you keep the upper high sides on the box it will be a tighter fit, yet easy to turn slightly to pull out and clean. The litter box small open area was a place that I felt Charlie would be able to seek a haven when someone comes to visit as he is not a socialized cat. I purchased this with the suggested litter box and the mats. The litter box has the higher side attachment and good especially for the male cat that he is. He also covers all his matter deeply so with the higher sides it helps to keep the litter contained and not overflow unto the floor inside, plus (so far) keep the urine from dripping unto the product. The matts are thicker and better at trapping litter from the previous similar matts that I have purchased. So far I have seen much less litter on the floor outside of the box and have yet to decide if I will add a matt at the entrance. The whole idea is to disguise the box completely and it does just that. with less sweeping of the floor when I clean the box. The one question I had, which the manufacture answered, was the formaldehyde that holds the MDF material together and its rating. They stated is is a 0.068, which if I remember correctly it should be below 0.11. I like this box and look to purchase a similar ones - yet smaller- for our inside cats litter boxes that we have. To me I found it be a very attractive piece of furniture. I did not get the matt pad for the top which would have been a great addition to the whole kit. I am able to sew one and was looking for something to match the cabin - fishing décor of our sunroom. I may change my mind later as the cost of fabric, like everything else these days, has increased more that I had anticipated. Hope you find this information helpful.
Reviewed on August 02, 2023
My 3 kitties use this discreet furniture easily and the litter stays in the furniture. No litter all over the place which is awesome. The doors easily open and put a mat on the bottom to protect the furniture. I bought the white one.
Reviewed on July 12, 2023
You never know buying furniture off-line if it will be sturdy, but this thing is awesome! It’s a lot more solid that it appears in the pictures. My cat loves going inside, contains all the litter and fits a pretty large litter box. No more kicking litter out of the box! It looks nice as a piece of furniture. And we can set all his stuff on top to keep his food away from our dogs. Very happy with this purchase.
Reviewed on January 16, 2022
The media could not be loaded. Way smaller than I expected. I should’ve double checked before buying so guess that’s on me but pics of the item next to more regular household items would’ve helped. I’m very good about doing my research before buying anything and so I’d looked through reviews and I’d referenced several photos from the seller and reviewers that made me think it’d be a comparable size to a pretty white side table/crate that we’d purchased a couple years ago. I was going to put this side bench in the bathroom or possibly have it side by side with the side table/crate. My bf quickly assembled it (I’m so thankful for him for many reasons, one of which is so that I don’t have to be as handy anymore around the house — I’ve legit “velcroed” (with actual Velcro, since apparently Velcro gets butt-hurt about people using their brand name loosely if the person isn’t actually using their product 🤨… why did I bother typing that out??? Guess I’m having a “dingbat” sort of day lol)… anyhoo, back to what I was saying: I’ve been guilty of “velcroing” a quote sign thingamabober to the wall in order to avoid whatever it is I would’ve had to use to hang it up (in my defense, it is still hanging up in the same spot ever since I put it up and it’s never fallen and I feel very clever about that hehe (a business idea perhaps??? Should I delete all of this!? I’m a dingbat 🙃🦇 )). Wow. Forgot what I was reviewing for a min. Getting back to it: So the handy BF quickly assembled it which was great but when I saw it out together I was like “No. I think they sent us the wrong version because I ordered the one that appeared to be able to be also used as a bench and had expected, based on the photos and price, that it’d be almost like the size of a shorter mud room bench (IE same height and look as the lovely white side table/pet crate I mentioned years ago when this novel began).” “Buttt,” I said to BF, “I don’t see anyone being able to use that as a bench without breaking it, or fearing you’d break it or having to hear the ‘cricks and cracks’ that a piece of furniture ‘cries out’ when you are too heavy for sitting on them. That ‘cry’ of the ‘cricks and cracks’, btw, is the inanimate object blubbering for you to remove your arse from them and it never fails to cause a blush from the hooman who, even as a skinny female dog, might feel a bit fat at the moment. OH, and could you imagine if Hokus Pokus Cattywampus was taking a dump when the cricks and cracks sang out!? JK, nobody would dare sit on her throne whilst she was in it 😼.” Yes, I said all of that verbatim, much to my bf’s dismay. Now, where was I? Is anybody still with me? Wow. You’re cray cray. Me likey. Moving on… I feel like I need to just take a photo of it. Arg. But the house isn’t as clean as I’d like and I’d want to move it near furniture/items that would illustrate how this tamagotchi/Pokémon-sized hybrid storage/litterbox/BENCH measures up relative to standard sized object(s). Feel like I’m super invested at this point and I’m obviously a dingbat and there’s also the whole procrastination thing that got me into leaving reviews for products I’ve purchased on Amazon in the first place…. SOOO Guess I’ll go do that and post the review. Hopefully, after that, I’ll get a life. But who knows. Kinda happy being a dingbat on weekdays ending with “y”. Meow. PS: I’m not returning because of the hassle. It’s already assembled and I imagine that’d cost a ton to ship and there’s also the whole having to put extra effort to sending it back when I’m already clearly busy writing Amazon reviews (for no compensation, I might add…. Ugh. I have GOT to wrap this up and get back to work! 😂). I’ll also include photos of the way that the product showed immediate “wear & tear” when being assembled which shouldn’t happen if it’s a decent quality product. And then I’m closing this app. After I find a good heating pad. Eh, that was TMI, you didn’t need to know that, but you def didn’t need to know 95% of this review. You’re welcome, btw.